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Q-Lithium : A Sean Hernerson Book epub

Q-Lithium : A Sean Hernerson Book epub

Q-Lithium : A Sean Hernerson Book.cMR Paul R Dennis
Q-Lithium : A Sean Hernerson Book
Author: MR Paul R Dennis
Number of Pages: 286 pages
Published Date: 08 Jul 2013
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781484188347
Download Link: Q-Lithium A Sean Hernerson Book

Where the first book, The Discovery, primarily presents the characters and the early history of the Q-LITHIUM phenomenon, this book chronicles new adventures of the intrepid Q-LITHIUM team. Sean Henderson and his beautiful partner and lover, Jill Cramer, continue their torrid romance. Surveys indicate a previously unknown source of Q-LITHIUM located two miles deep in the Puerto Rico Atlantic trench. The Q-Labs research ship, the Nantucket Explorer, discovers a "white smoker" emitting a very high purity version of the element. Before any action can be taken, the ship is disintegrated by an unknown weapon. Q-Labs mounts a new expedition to investigate the "smoker." During collection of samples, "crawler" tracks are noted around the smoker. Someone is pirating the Q-LITHIUM. The Navy interdicts a small contingent of terrorists from a new organization attempting to install a destructive device of some sort on the survey ship. The device proves to be a new type of weapon made with Q-LITHIUM that literally disintegrates matter by disrupting the quantum level, mass-creating Higgs field. Using this new weapon as a guide, Thorny Memorial Research develops a family of q-weapons that they dub "q-Disruptors." Other new and exciting "commercial" products are also developed. A new terrorist group is formed (Los Hermanos de la Revolucion or LHR). They attempt to acquire quantities of Q-LITHIUM by several intriguing methods including kidnapping and the destruction of a deep sea submersible resulting in several harrowing hours of nail-biting attempts to rescue the sub and its occupants. The appearance of an unexpected ally aids the Q-LITHIUM team in locating the main LHR headquarters in Caracas. An "attack" team destroys the "head of the snake" and a surprising new romance develops. A remaining splinter cell of the LHR attempts to assassinate the Q-LITHIUM team members. The unexpected ally helps in locating the cell. A plethora of other rapidly occurring events ensure that the Q-LITHIUM team remains busy foiling one plot after another. New sources of Q-LITHIUM are discovered creating more interesting tales. The finale is exciting and unexpected. Q-LITHIUM is replete with human interaction, humor, romance, action and science. When reading this genre-bending novel, you will want to become part of the talented crew of protagonists."

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